Why Winter Sports Athletes Need Chiropractic Care

Why Winter Sports Athletes Need Chiropractic Care

Winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and hockey are now in full swing. For many athletes, this is the most exciting time of the year, as they get to participate in their favorite sports. While winter sports can be exhilarating, the physical demands of each sport can also take a toll. In order to stay in top condition all year long, many winter sports athletes need chiropractic care to combat this wear and tear on their bodies. Here is a look at why chiropractic care is important for anyone who enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle during the coldest months of the year.

Chiropractic care improves athletes’ balance

Balance is an essential aspect of many winter sports. From flying down the slopes on skis to landing the perfect move in ice skating, balance is crucial. If the body is misaligned in any way, an athlete’s balance may disappear, leaving them prone to accidents and injury.

Chiropractors who help winter athletes can support optimal balance by introducing techniques that align the body correctly. Once your muscles, joints and spine are working together in harmony, you are more likely to see an improvement in your balance and coordination.

You do NOT have to have visible balance problems to seek out chiropractic support. Even very slight misalignments can impact your ability to perform at your sport, making the skilled evaluation of a body mechanic essential in identifying and correcting these issues.

When you seek out chiropractic care for your balance, your physiotherapist will assess your movement and take your sport into consideration. After, they will develop a specialized treatment plan to help you perform at your very best in your chosen sport.

Young lady injured while ice skating

Chiropractic care prevents injuries

Nothing brings an exciting winter season to an end faster than an injury. Fractures, sprains, strains, and inflammation can all sideline you – possibly for weeks or months.

Chiropractic care, however, can help. Instead of simply treating an existing injury, a trained body mechanic can stop injuries before they happen. Here are some of the ways in which your physiotherapist can support a healthy winter sports season:

  • Improve your range of motion to prevent injuries from over-extension or stiffness.
  • Create better balance to prevent falls on and off the sports field.
  • Correct your posture and movement to prevent injuries caused by incorrect movement.

Chiropractic care leads to faster recovery

The faster you can get back to optimal condition, the more you can excel in your chosen winter sport. Chiropractic care supports the recovery of your body in two ways.

Post Workout and Games

The workouts and games of a winter sport can lead to sore, fatigued muscles. While these are not injuries and generally do not keep you out of the game, they can slow down your performance. Chiropractic care can help release tension in your muscles, enhance circulation, and help your body return to an optimal state more quickly after a workout or a game. That allows you to enjoy all the benefits of training your body, with fewer setbacks along the way.

Post Injury

If you do experience an injury as a winter athlete, you may need chiropractic care to aid your recovery. Whether you are getting over surgery, looking to reduce inflammation from a sprain or strain, or needing muscle strengthening, chiropractic techniques can help. Your body mechanic will take your injury and needs into consideration to leverage techniques that support rapid healing and pain relief.

Medical specialist helping male athlete do physical exercise.

Chiropractic care improves your range of motion

Range of motion is important for any winter athlete because the more fluidly your body moves, the less likely you are to experience injury from overextension. Chiropractic care supports winter athletes’ performance by making sure that range of motion is optimal, both on and off the field.

When you go in for a consultation with a qualified body mechanic, they will carefully evaluate your joints for any restrictions in movement. Once identified, these restrictions will be addressed through a variety of chiropractic techniques. Each technique will loosen tight areas of your body and teach you to work at maximum range and capacity.

Chiropractic care is customizable

Finally, winter sports athletes need chiropractic care because it offers a personalized way to address the specific issues that interfere with their athletic performance. Your body mechanic can help you achieve your winter sports goals, recover from your specific injury, address your body’s range of motion issues, and more.

At Dr. Roy Nissim, we do not throw cookie-cutter approaches at your problem. Nor do we wait until you experience an injury to help you heal. We focus on addressing the root of the issue, getting you out of the clinic and back into your sport more quickly and effectively. And, with a wide range of approaches at our fingertips, we can customize every solution exactly to your needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Smiling sports chiropractor, Dr. Roy Nissim, confidently crossing arms in a white polo shirt

Dr. Roy Nissim, DC, MS

Dr. Roy Nissim attended The University of Arizona, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in General Biology with minors in Chemistry and Athletic Coaching. His graduate work was completed at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California, where he was actively involved in the Sports Council and graduated Cum Laude.

As a board certified chiropractor and certified practitioner in Active Release Techniques® (ART®), Dr. Roy Nissim is dedicated to helping individuals reach an optimum level of health and fitness through personalized treatment specifically tailored to one’s activity level and needs.

By employing ART® in conjunction with traditional chiropractic techniques and exercise rehabilitation, Dr. Roy has successfully treated acute and repetitive strain injuries in half the time of more traditional therapy methods. These results allow an individual to return to their normal activities after only several treatments.

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