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Dr. Roy’s years of experience with top athletes and thousands of hours of training and practice have made him
a recognized expert on finding, and repairing, the problems behind the pain. As a result, he enjoys regular
features in recognized media outlets. Discover some of these features below!

Back Pain Is Not a Normal
Part of Aging

Spotting gray hairs on your head. Forgetting where you put the car keys. Waking up a bit earlier. These things all can be a part of life as we get older.

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I’m a Chiropractor, and This Is the One Thing I Do Every Day to Stay Loose and Limber

Chiropractors work to restore and realign your body. So here’s a question: What do the experts do to ensure they stay just as loose and limber as the clients they see on the daily?

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Santa Monica’s Top Wellness

Santa Monica residents who prioritize their health and wellness choose Infuse Wellness Center as their trusted wellness clinic. The wellness clinic offers clients an array of wellness services designed to combat fatigue…

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WTF Is Trigger Point Therapy and How Can It Help Your Bod Feel Better?

Even if you haven’t heard of “trigger points,” you probably still know what they is. Basically a fancy way of saying a muscle knot or kink, trigger point therapy refers to easing pain in an area on your body where you’re dealing with muscle spasms.

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Physician Spotlight:
Dr. Roy Nissim

DR. ROY NISSIM is a man of many talents. Professionally, he’s a chiropractor, a soft tissue specialist and an exercise rehabilitation specialist based in beautiful Santa Monica, California

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Dr. Roy Nissim Was Featured
in The Big Picture

11 Laws That Will Change Your Life, a self-improvement book by Tony Horton. P90X creator Tony Horton is known by millions of fans for his take-no-prisoners, straight-talking approach to fitness.

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