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Individuals looking for assistance for musculoskeletal conditions are the ones who search for the term “sciatica” the most on the web. Moreover, the majority of the folks who are struggling with sciatica are not fully aware of the condition whatsoever.


What exactly is sciatica?

Broadly speaking, sciatica can be defined as a set of symptoms instead of a diagnosis for what is actually triggering the discomfort. By the term “sciatica", we actually mean that a sciatic nerve within the patient’s body that starts from the lower back and extends down the back of both the legs is getting compressed. This leads to a sensation of extreme pain on one particular side of the buttock, in the lower back and/or along the back of that particular leg.


How to know that you are suffering from sciatica?

If you are struggling with a pain starting from the lower spine to the buttock and running along the back of the legs, you are most likely suffering from sciatica pain. In most cases, the pain can be somewhat dull, sharp, achy, or even identical to that of electric shocks. Other sciatica symptoms include but not limited to are numbness, burning, or tingling sensations

Typically, only one side of the lower body gets afflicted with sciatica and therefore, in case you are suffering from pain in both the legs there is a possibility you are not suffering from sciatica at all.

How Chiropractic Care can help with Sciatica Pain?

It has been proved by extensive research that chiropractic care can play an important role in treating sciatica within a short span of time. The process is not going to make use of any medication and is non-invasive in nature. This is the reason why so many patients like to opt for chiropractic treatment for healing their sciatica pain. In fact, a chiropractor can employ multiple treatment procedures so as to provide comfort to the patient. All these procedures can be used either separately or in combination with other therapies.


1. Adjustments: This is the core of chiropractic care when it comes to alleviating sciatica pain. Apart from aiding in realigning the spine, it likewise helps the body to get back its correct alignment such that it is able to function much better. Moreover, this process also helps in minimizing any pain related to nerve inflammation, especially those which are linked to sciatica.

2. Ultrasound: In this case, sound waves are accountable for creating a very mild heat at a frequency which is not audible to humans, thus delivering deep tissue penetration. This treatment method helps to stimulate circulation and also aids in minimizing stiffness, muscle spasms, pain, inflammation, as well as cramping.

3. Ice or Cold Therapy: This particular treatment procedure aids in minimizing and controlling sciatica pain plus reducing swelling as well.

4. TENS: Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS happens to be a therapy which makes use of a TENS unit - a compact and portable battery powered box which is responsible for stimulating the muscles. Electrical currents are employed at variable intensities so as to minimize the pain while reducing muscle spasms as well. Although bigger versions of this device are employed by some chiropractors in their offices, the majority of them use the more convenient portable devices at present.


Patients might be advised by the chiropractors to incorporate nutritional recommendations as well as exercises into their sciatica treatment regimen. Moreover, the chiropractor is going to talk to the sufferers personally to better understand regarding their daily lifestyles plus what might be triggering their sciatica pain in particular. This will help the practitioners to treat the condition from the perspective of the patient while opting for the most effective approach available.

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