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active release technique back pain.jpg

How Active Release Technique can Help with Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common aches most people experience. According to numerous statistics, more than 80 percent of adults around the world experience pain in their back due to various reasons.

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active release technique neck pain.jpg

How Active Release Technique can help with neck pain

Are your neck muscles tight that you are unable to stretch them? Are you finding it hard to turn your neck when you are driving? If you are having stiff neck problems, then this article will give you the best solution for your questions.

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active release technique plantar fasciit

How Active Release Technique can help with plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a problematic condition, in which an individual feels heel agony. This condition can endure for quite a long time to years and may make one limit their typical work, athletic, and recreational exercises because of the extreme torment. It is given a name after the connective tissues on the base (plantar side) of the foot. 

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How Active Release Technique can help with shoulder pain

Active Release Technique or ART is a state-of-the-art soft tissue treatment system and movement-based technique designed to help treat muscle problems as well as problems with tendons, ligaments, nerves, and fascia. The technique can also benefit patients suffering from headaches, back pain, temporomandibular joint, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, tendon sheath, knee problems, tibia pain, heel spur, soft tissue inflammation and other inflammatory problems of the joints.

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he neck acts as a bridge between the torso and the head which in turn facilitates the head's movement. Our neck consists of seven vertebrae which are supported by a lot of ligaments as well as muscles. We tend to suffer from neck pain when these muscles, joints, and ligaments become inflamed or irritated. Neck pain might range from minor to really severe. When combined with other symptoms it might be necessary to call for immediate medical attention.

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sciatica pain.jpg


Individuals looking for assistance for musculoskeletal conditions are the ones who search for the term “sciatica” the most on the web. Moreover, the majority of the folks who are struggling with sciatica are not fully aware of the condition whatsoever.

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Headache specialist los angeles.jpg


At present, lots of individuals are getting affected by migraines and headaches which can decrease their efficiency to a great extent. In fact, a severe migraine can even make a person completely inactive for quite some time. Although the use of medication can aid in alleviating the headaches significantly, at times it might not be adequate for the sufferer. In such cases, an experienced chiropractor can prove to be extremely beneficial in the long run.

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sports chiropractor santa monica.jpg


It is possible for chiropractic care to help an individual get rid of his back pain using different types of methods. In fact, approximately 20 million adults and 3 million children receive chiropractic care for alleviating their back pain every year. Below, we will discuss the topic: how chiropractic care can help with back pain?

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carpel tunnel syndrome santa monica



What is meant by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? CTS ( carpal tunnel syndrome) refers to an ailment which happens because of a pinched nerve present in the wrist . This condition can trigger numbness as well as pain in the thumb, index as well as middle fingers. This ailment derives its name from the 8 bones present in our wrist known as carpals which form a tunnel along with a ligament present in our wrist via which 3 nerves leading to our hand pass through.

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Physical Therapy Session

Chiropractor v.s. Physical Therapist

A couple of options are available to an individual who wants to pursue the career of a health practitioner, namely, a physical therapist and a chiropractor. Both these occupations will allow the physician to treat different types of injuries although the scope of treatment is going to vary considerably. In this article, we have highlighted on this topic: the difference between a chiropractor and a physical therapist.

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sports medicine santa monica.png

How Chiropractic Care can help with Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is actually an agonizing condition which is usually caused by the excessive use of the elbow and repetitive motions as well. In the course of time, this might even damage the tendons and muscles which can lead to tendon sprains, muscle strains, as well as swelling of the elbow not to mention the wrist (in some cases).

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shoulder pain.jpg

How Chiropractic Care can help with Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is extremely common nowadays and is also quite difficult to treat in most cases. Although many individuals go on living along with the pain, it is not required to do so. Fortunately, an effective chiropractic treatment will offer a fantastic solution to minimize the discomfort in the shoulders.

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sciatica pain.jpg

How Chiropractic Care can help with Sciatica Pain

What exactly is Sciatica?

Put simply, Sciatica happens to be a nerve pain which occurs because of the irritation of our Sciatic nerve that is situated in our lower back running down the legs' rear side. Symptoms of Sciatica:

1. Discomfort within the leg which can become aggravated while sitting.

2. A tingling or maybe a burning sensation running down the legs.

3. Constant discomfort on the back's side.

4. An agonizing discomfort that can make it challenging to stand up.

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Top Rated Santa Monica Sports Chiropractor

Sports Chiropractic Treatment Methods
Individuals suffer from various types of injuries in the sporting arena, it is essential to prevent any further injury in the future so as to continue playing at the top level. In the event of any such injury, the services of a sports chiropractor can come of immense help irrespective of whether you are training for a soccer tournament in your locality or preparing for a swimming competition in your college. In this article, we will discuss the topic: What types of treatments do sports chiropractors offer?

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sports chiropactor santa monica

The Benefits of a Sports Chiropractor for Athletes

In case you happen to be an athlete and want to get rid of fatigue and also enhance your performance, make it a point to opt for chiropractic care. According to recent statistics, those sportsmen that take the aid of chiropractors enjoy a distinct advantage over those who don’t.

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How A Sports Chiropractor Can Help Improve Athletic Performance

It is of prime importance for the athletes to move freely on the playing field. In fact, top-quality athletic performance entails flexibility, muscular strength, appropriate body mechanics, as well as technique to allow optimum performance and also prevent injury.

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active release technique los angeles.JPG

The Difference Between a Sports Chiropractor and a General Chiropractor

A traditional or general chiropractor happens to be a healthcare expert whose primary focus will be on diagnosing and also treating any disorder related to neuromuscular issues. The overall target of a general chiropractor will be to help the patient overcome his pain and also restore the function of his nervous system by manipulating or adjusting the spine manually.

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sports medicine clinic.jpg

Sports Chiropractor v.s. Sports Medicine

Athletes might be required to take the help of various types of medical professionals 

following an injury. In fact, their primary care doctor can also refer them to any particular sports medicine doctor for further investigation and treatment. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have discussed the topic: how do sports chiropractors compare with other sports medicine providers. We will talk about each of these sports medicine providers one by one.

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sports chiropractor santa monica.jpg

How a sports chiropractor can help with sports injuries.

Every athlete out there can boast of having fantastic health as compared to those who do not participate in sports. They will appreciate the strength as well as vitality which they are endowed with and also have a sense of fulfillment while attaining personal goals. However, any injury related to sports can be really devastating and it can affect their performance of their given sport as well. 

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santa monica.jpg

What Makes Santa Monica So Special?

Every place on Earth is beautiful in its own way. Some places are known for their natural beauty, some places rest in the hearts of people because of prosperous development, while some places owe their fame to the rich historical heritage. One way or another Earth as a whole was designed by nature to be a special sustainable sphere enclosed in the bubble of atmosphere. So, what makes Santa Monica, California so special?

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santa monica pier.jpg


The city of Santa Monica has a historically rich history, one that is present and a bright future. The coastal city of Los Angeles houses movie stars, beachfront properties, theme parks and vast areas of natural beauty. Santa Monica is fast becoming a favorite tourist destination on the South American coast. Here is a quick guide to what you can do if you have the opportunity to visit this bustling city at any time.

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history of santa monica.jpg


Santa Monica is one of California's most beautiful districts. It's actually between Los Angeles and the Gulf with the same name. This is a city which is out of traffic, more than 13 km 2, which provides easy access to restaurants, shops, and attractions for residents and guests. History of Santa Monica is well known since the city is considered as the most educated city in the country.

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The city of Santa Monica has a historical past, a Who's Who, a present and a bright future. The coastal city of Los Angeles hosts movie stars, beachfront properties, theme parks, and expansive natural beauties. Santa Monica is fast becoming the tourist destination of the South Coast of America. Here's a quick guide on what to do if you're lucky enough to visit this glittering city soon.

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santa monica california.jpg


Situated on the Pacific Ocean, the City of Los Angeles is known everywhere throughout the world for its marvelousness. Santa Monica is a city that situated inside the City of LA. Santa Monica epitomizes everything a guest envisions of a beachfront town in an urban setting. Many palm trees, lovely tanned bodies, daylight and many shocking lodgings covering the shorelines.

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Almost 10 million people visited Santa Monica, California last year. That is approximately one-fifth of all the tourists who visit Los Angeles in a year. Therefore, there is something special about Santa Monica that makes everyone around the globe dream of touring the place.

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santa monica beach.jpg


According to statistics, the number of people visiting Santa Monica keeps on increasing every year. This is because there is so much to do and see in this beachfront city.

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pier in santa monica.jpg


Santa Monica is one of the best places to visit in California. From the amazing weather to great natural attractions, it is a perfect beach town to tour. For the two years, more than 15 million tourists have visited Santa Monica. So what make tourists from all over the world wish to visit Santa Monica?

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ocean avenue santa monica.jpg

Ocean Avenue Santa Monica

When people are planning to visit California, they think of the sea, sand, and other famous attractions. But very few people know about the great things found in Santa Monica. Santa Monica has is one of the most visited cities in California. Whether you are planning to visit for a week, during the weekend, or for a few days, there are so many things to see and do in Santa Monica, California.

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downtown santa monica.jpg

Downtown Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one of the best places to visit in California. From the amazing weather to great natural attractions, it is a perfect beach town to tour. For the two years, more than 15 million tourists have visited Santa Monica. So what make tourists from all over the world wish to visit Santa Monica?

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